Friday, April 30, 2010

Three Day Challenge

So it's finals time... I'm basically out of commission until next Saturday at noon. By that time I will be done (hopefully) with two more essays and two finals. I've just completed two, one due today, one due Wednesday.

After that it will be blog-city for the rest of summer starting with our four day trip to NYC (which you can be sure will be all about food!... I've already made a list of where I want to go...). Until then, I wanted to give a short update:

1. GUAC OFF! I'm entering the Harvard guacamole making contest next Wednesday; hopefully it will go well. I was planning to enter my house Top Chef, but off course my house (Leverett) sucks and decided not to do it...

2. I'm trying to show how easy it is to be a vegan so I'm going to do a three-day round up of my meals, basically what a vegan eats from day to day :) Started off good so far with a vegan thai tea with boba & a Mediterranean wrap from boloco!

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