Thursday, April 15, 2010

Detox Day One: Veggie Day

So we (Antonio & I) started our spring cleaning detox, working to flush the toxins out; combined with some yoga & extra meditation, I think this something my body has been needing this, a kick-start as finals go into full gear. Here's the link to the detox info.

Today is veggies only day (raw or mostly raw, only water & herbal tea, no salt, oil, extra fats etc).... even I--as a vegan obsessed with getting my veggie intake--can only take so much raw veggies alone (at least the raw foodist gets some nuts & fruits in the mix). Anyway, the day is almost over & was survived with help from a packet of organic seaweed (sea veggies!) which, by the way, can help reduce fat intake by 75%! For only 10 calories a sheet & no salt, I knew this was always a great snack :) I also subsisted on various crudites.

Tomorrow, thankfully, will be fruit day! That means smoothies, fruit juice, & a big bowl of fruit salad all day... I can def. subsist on an all fruit smoothie or two; that's often a breakfast favorite of mine that fills me up till way past lunch :D

Saturday will be fasting day; lots of herbal tea, two glasses of fruit juice, & curling up with a warm blanket (Keep warm! Being cold makes us hungry because food warms us up)... I'm actually getting up extra early because I could NOT resist attending the Harvard Culinary Society Taste Tripping party! hmm...

...I'll keep you updated on the process. :)

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