Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vegans make better lovers (& cookies!)

Vegan Rosewater & Pistachio Cupcake w/ Fluffy 'Buttercream' Frosting

So last weekend the Harvard vegetarian society (VEGITAS) had our semi-annual vegan baking workshop. Contrary to popular belief (including my own belief a few months ago when I started down the vegan path), vegan baking is not only easy but its soooo delicious. Honestly: my boyfriend is obsessed with sweets & the second best cookie he said he's ever had in his life was a vegan chocolate chip (from Other Side Cafe in Boston). Now this is second only to the compost cookie from Momofuko in New York, and really, it's hard to argue with that place.

So my own first experience with vegan baking were kind of boring & bland... since I just became vegan I was also very health-conscious; I still am, but I realize now that to make a good cookie or cake--vegan or not--you can't expect it to be that good for you (I attempted only fat-free vegan goods, but have since expanded my horizon). But I'm okay with that; we all need to indulge once in awhile and if we are going to do so, we might as well be compassionate about it.

I used to hate baking but the ease of adapting recipes into vegan recipes (ex. soy milk = milk, flax seed or cornstarch + water = an egg) & plethora of vegan baking recipes on-line has gotten me into the mood & so you can always expect I'll make a cake or cookies or some ice cream after a dinner party.

Back to the event: the baking workshop went great. In less than 2 hours we baked 6 different goodies, everything from muffins to cupcakes to cookies. All were delicious, all were different, and everyone who came to learn seemed to have a great time & lively conversation about the important ethical & social implications of vegetarianism & veganism (many of the people there had just turned to a veg life or we're very interested in it).

Here are some more pictures from this amazing event:

Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies w/ Peanut-Butter & Flax Seed

Chocolate & Peanut-Butter Pillows

Happy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Almond-Quinoa Muffins

Banana Maple Cookies (naturally sweetened, no white sugar added!)

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