Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Campers: Exploring Camden Cupcake Camp

Word on the street is that gourmet donuts are the new cupcakes. Such theorizing, however, did not deter the hundreds of people all clamoring into Camden Market this weekend to participate in the London Cupcake Camp.

Strawberry Shortcake

Cupcake Camp--"a gathering of cupcake lover to raise money for a good cause"--has taken place is over 50 cities around the global including Paris, New York, and Sydney. All proceeds went to North London Hospice... and the best part? All cupcakes were only a pound! That's an amazing deal for the size and quality of some of these (Ms. Cupcake's usually go for 2.50 each).

Ms. Cupcake, of course, is of the most famous vegan cupcake artists in London, in charge of judging the vegan cupcake competition. Its a good thing we got there as it was beginning because just an hour and a half into it she had sold ALL of her cupcakes! I had luckily snagged two (one pumpkin and one ferrero rocher); my friend snagged... about seven.

After tasting the ferrero rocher, I understood why she grabbed so many. It was heavenly, absolutely the best cupcake, vegan or non, I've ever had. It taste likely someone smoothed a fluffier nutella all over the moist cake, sprinkled with perfectly toasted hazelnut bits.

Here's a sample of some of the other cupcakes:Cherry Bakewell

Chocolate Pumpkin

Raspberry Chocolate

Pumpkin Pie

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