Monday, October 4, 2010

The Rise of the Veg Community

So I have to say that in the almost 7 years I've been a vegetarian/vegan, I have yet to notice such a peaking interest among so many varied people as now. More than ever, vegan options are popping up on menus, student populations are advocating for Meatless Monday's, and vegetarianism in general is making the headlines multiple times a day.

Among the numerous articles I could post, this one from the Daily Princeton illuminates how vegetarians are slowly creeping to outnumber the omnivorous. A change in consciousness is occurring among the youth who cannot remember the days before McDonald's and all forms of processed animals products, at a time when food, health, and the environment is more important than ever.

Another prime example is the prominence of vegan/vegetarian chefs and veg-friendly options in fine dining establishments.

Vegan Chef Chloe Coscarelli is among such, having won Food Network's cupcake wars with her Vegan Raspberry Tiramisu Cupcakes. Though I've made these luscious cupcakes twice now (pictures to come soon), I must say they are a bit sweet for my taste. Still, others have gobbled them down and the win alone is a great win for veganism.

One dish of Chloe's I did absolutely adore was hers was the Mexicali Sliders with Cajun Yam Fries! [Picture Above] I reproduced these for my family, and even my meat-eating parents asked for the recipe to make again. The texture of the sliders was just right and went perfect with a big, cold slab of fresh guacamole. I definitely suggest you try one of her recipes out! I'm going for the Beach Cookies next in an attempt to recreate Harvard's infamous (infamous to me at least!) coconut bars, yum!

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