Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sticky Fingers Vegan Bakery in D.C.

If you are ever around the D.C. area make sure to check out Sticky Fingers Vegan Bakery. They're won numerous awards for their products and for good reason!

Here are my basic recommendations:

1. DO get one of their coffees. The latte with soy milk was particularly delicious, and I've tried many lattes (though cappuccino is my specialty). Had a very distinct flavor, bold and almost nutty.
2. DON'T get their brownies. In my opinion they're not worth the money. They don't seem as fresh and while they're pretty good, I feel a lot of places offer vegan brownies so these one didn't wow me.
3. DO (absolutely DO) get one (or two or three) of their sticky buns. Probably one of their more infamous dishes, its definitely a bang for your buck and tastes better than the real thing. It's light but slightly crispy, moist and sweet without tasting too artificial. They have the homemade taste.
4. DON'T count on a microwave working there. Some of the desserts are not super warm but unfortunately the microwave wasn't working so we just took most of our treats home.
5. DO play around with different cupcakes. I got the peanut butter fudge and I thought it was heavenly (I'm a HUGE peanut butter fan though). I've heard not so good reviews however on the red velvet, which is a shame because its one of my favorite types.

Sticky Fingers Bakery
1370 Park Rd. NW
Washington, D.C. 20010
Mon-Thurs: 7am-8pm
Fri: 7am-9pm
Sat: 8am-9pm
Sun: 9am-7pm

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