Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why I Love Kale

Packed with nutrients and and vitamins, the wonder vegetable Kale has experience a recent surge of enthusiasm among the health community. After noticing this leafy cousin of Cabbage and Brussels Sprouts at various vegan cafes, I decided to add it to the shopping list.

My first attempt with Kale was a simple saute with olive oil & balsamic vinegar until soft and wilted. Let me tell you, it was absolutely fantastic; my boyfriend (who tends to shy from vegetables in favor of anything sweet, particularly fruit) loved it! Thus, it was a sure item for our next shopping trip.

As a friend of mine pointed out however, the dish may have been more a love of balsamic vinegar than of the kale itself (I do love me some balsamic). So second attempt, braise it with a light no-chicken chicken broth & a little olive oil. Sure enough, this delicious green was just as amazing and offers all the benefits of leafy greens without the bitter taste in say, Brussels Sprouts. It reminds me a lot of cabbage (another favorite) but with a bit more flavor, close to that of spinach. If you've yet to try it, I highly recommend for your next grocery trip.

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